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The service rep knows about it. He didn't know if he could correct the problem on Friday, therefore I kept the car. What bothers me is he said it was "in spec" without looking at the car, and I'm questioning whether it was even test driven after the alignment. You would have to be blind not to notice this.

Other quality control issues, fuel gauge got fixed, but they didn't fill the tank and give me a car that was almost empty. Didn't they test it? They did fill it up after I pointed it out to them. What if it failed at the station, and I was there to pick up the car?

Based on all the above and alignment, I didn't know how much I should be charged for an alignment and thought it's possible I could have been screwed. So I called another service center, owned by the same people and the tech there said the alignment was 69.96 not 170 for a 99 CLK430, I asked him to verify (couple of times) and he claimed he did, and said he was positive and told me to call the service manager to find out why I was charged 170.00. I later found out, he was in fact wrong, I was charged the correct amount.

They have yet to prove themselves; Monday morning will be the make or break if I ever go back, if they don't fix it I will ask for a refund on the alignment, take it else where.

All of the warranty issues where fixed perfectly, rear shade, squeak etc.
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