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I have just picked up an 89 560SEL and have a couple of questions about it. Any help or hints appreciated.

1) Spring pad size identification? Is there any way of telling what is installed other than measuring? I might be able to reset my cars ride height without changing springs as the front is about an inch too high at the moment.

2) Electric mirror wiring on drivers side? I have a RHD 560, do MB prewire both sides of the car for electrics as USA model is electric right and Euro is electric left. I would like to look at installing an electric passengers mirror, maybe the side selection switch from a 300e or similar could be used?

3) Do Cruise Control stalks lose their tightness? Or maybe the stalk is meant to "slop" around. I can't seem to work it correctly - fat fingers maybe :-)

4) Fog lamps still available from the dealer? My car doesn't have the lamps fitted - will a dealer still have an option kit for these or is there something OEM that is suitable?

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