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Diesel Power
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Originally Posted by cmac2012
I ain't no gun confiscating, tax and spend liberal.... but uh, I'm not fluent in the nomenclature, not that I expect you to explain it to me.

The only "firearms" I own are two Walther CO2 pellet pistols, and they look like the real thing -- one has a red-dot scope. They're pretty accurate -- I guess they would be better than nothing in a scrape though if the other guy had a real gun, he might up the ante and waste my a$$.
Absolutely not. What you will very likely be successful in, is totally pissing off the "bad guy" when you start raising up welts on him with the pellet gun, and ending up a statistic yourself. My black powder pistol is one of two guns that I own. My other one is a .22 caliber Remington rifle. I wouldn't want to depend on it for home protection either. Both of my guns are used for target practice, making noise, and in the case of the rifle, offing the odd snake that wanders into my "no snakes" zone.
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