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Originally Posted by Hit Man X
This may sound silly but I'm still reading on A/C recharging, I'd assume Low side will increase accordingly to High side? So if my High side is correct my Low side should also (all else being equal)?
That's true to a point. without getting too technical these systems are designed with a specific charge to achieve the desired pressures. So yes, If your charge is good then your high and low sides will be right.
Of course other things can come into play that can cause innefficiency.

Originally Posted by Hit Man X
Also, what's the best way to monitor ambient temps outside?
This is right from the chart link I gave you:
R-134a PressureTemperature Relationship Pressures shown in the charts are provided as a general guide and may not represent your exact readings. Ambient temperature is measured 2 inches in front of the condenser.
Go to the nearest hardware store and buy a $2.00 dial thermometer.

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