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1) The spring pads have little humps on one area: 1,2,3, or 4. Look to see if they can be seen. Buy a #2 (they are cheap) and see what they look like if you still have a question. Be sure that you really don't have a low rear instead of a high front. Unless someone has messed with it that is more likely.

2) US cars have mirrors on both sides by 89. They usually have elctrical right side but later models have electric for both. I don't remember whether 126 bodies still had manual left on 89 models. I'm not sure what you mean by Euro cars have electric left side. German cars are built normally as left hand drive. ROW (rest of world) cars are also. RHD is an abberation to the German car world.

3) Sounds like the stalk pivot is broken. The switches aren't too expensive.

4) Boy, I really would have to guess here. I doubt that kits would still be available, but, the fog lights are part of the headlight assy. Are they just not wired? I would assume that the pieces that would have been left out could be installed; bulb, wiring, reflector? Maybe a set used from a wreck would solve the problem.
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