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On the non-technical side of this issue. I believe MB originally designed the system solely for their own purposes.

The point is to protect the belt from a seized compressor. As far as I'm concerned this is only a problem during the warrantee period. I can not see a consumer driving a car with a seized compressor unless they figure MB is going to pay for all the problems they creat in the process of not being inconvenienced.

As a result of being protected from such abuse, we (technicians and consumers alike) have been faced with tempermental, intermittant, A/C problems that place many in discomfort. I would gladly give up all I have made fixing these problems to not have to face another of these intermittants on a 95 deg Florida summer day.

I say this after fixing hundreds of them. If I owned one I would bypass it at the first sign of intermittant behavior. I do not do this in the shop, but I would on my own car.

MB has finally given up on this system. They now approach it differently. They put a thermal fuse in the compressor clutch. When the compressor seizes the fuse blows as the pulley heats up. No more speed sensing. Thank You!
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