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Originally Posted by Diesel Power
Yeah, I'm staying strictly with the powder that they recommended. The powder they sold me is in pellet form, and non corrosive as well. It's also recommended in the manual that came with the gun.
Pyrodex, get the pyrodex spray cleaner it will make your life much easier when cleaning. You can spray in down the barrel and wait 15 minutes then run a few patches and your good to go.

But here's a real easy way and you'll have the barrel cleaned in to time.

1. Use the wet patches that I described above or you can buy wet patches.
2. Run them down the barrel until clean it should take 4-10 depending on how much you shot.
3. Run a dry patch (both side)
4. Run a patch with bore butter

And you're good to go the whole process shouldn't take more than 5 minutes.
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