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Ok, Now I am really pissed off
Last night I replaced the TXV with a new one, and use my last 3 cans of R-12. 2X 14 oz. and 1x 12 oz.
The f*&#ing thing is doing the same thing.
Ambient 98F, 2000rpm, Low blower speed = duct temp 60
High side 180 , low side 34 .......low line semi cold

High blower speed = 75F
High side 195, low side 51 low line warm

Took out the blower motor.
Stuck a thermometer in the evap.
Ran the a/c with no blower.
Evap temp got to 25F and falling, low side 20, high side 165 and whole low side line frosted I shut it off as not to do any damage.
Sprayed the evap down with lime-away and rinsed, then with soap and water and high pressure water.
Put it back together........still only 60F.
I almost got 5 gallons of gas and a flare......bit I will not be beat at my own game. Anyone know a MB tech that may have seen this or know something I dont? I am getting an auto trader at lunch just in case.
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