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Originally Posted by gpracer
Great info, Ill check the whole damned car while im at it.

Yeah. once you have the tool out and hooked up, you might as well just do a quick run through to the other pins cuz you never know when you might find . Could have an Egr hangin up or a CIS fault layin around..
It only take a minuite , so why not
Guys think they have No Faults cuz they have no CE on , but CE only pops when the Emmissions N59 module sees a fault in the Emmission system.. all the others can have stored faults and not trip the CE , so the tool lets you do that anytime you feel like it.
What I like is if you have a code and you fix the cuase , you can go back a couple of days later and the ECU will tell you if it haw detected that same fault again ... whic is good verification it is fixed...
They only had this through '95 on 124 chassis , so after that .. $canner is needed..

.. it ain't a scanner , but it ain't a G note either..

. and if you are cool , you can make the tool for $5 .
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