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Originally Posted by engatwork
What model years can you do this with Arthur?

My books show 124 chassis as '88 up to 95.
HFM SFI will be 16 pin , but still pin 7.
But anything prior to that with CE will have 8 pin with pin 7 being A/C Module
The 38 pin will use pin #16
They were making fast changes in diagnostic capabilities , so best just to look for the box ( I know the earlier 9 pin did not have it , 8 did.]
so , chassis 124.026/30/50/90/51/230/290 should use this system, according to my printed info

Note that 124.034./036 V8 uses a 38 pin diag box , so they are the exception and the tool will be
Red -pin 3
odd - pin 16.
These take the power directly off the box , so the Red to bat+ is not needed . [ same goes for HFM 16 pin .. #16 will be 12v + , instead of bat/red

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