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What is Stippling?

Brother of Then Benz, Jim.
Stippling on any surface is the impressions made by a pointed tool; similar to what a center punch would make.
This roughened surface creates turbulance in the air runners causing better atomization of the fuel/air mixture.
Blueprinting an engine is entirely different. It is the matching of the combustion chamber volume.
The volume of the piston at top dead center is built into the engine and can't be changed; whereas the volume of the combustion chamber in the cylinder head is varied between cylinders.
This volume is measured using a fixture sealed and clamped against the cylinderhead. A liquid, usually mineral spirits, is accurately measured to fill the combustion chamber cavity. This is done for all cylinders. The largest chamber is the master and material is removed from the remaining cylinders cavity to equal the master.
With all combustion chamber cavities equal, you have blue printed the engine.
I hope this helps you understand the difference between the two processes.
Possibly some other member may add to our discussion.
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