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Last year I replaced the OEM springs on my 92 400e with Eibach springs. (I already had Koni adjustables front/rear)I went thru a new set of tires in 7 months. I just put another set of tires on it and with less than 2K mi.,am again experiencing tire wear particularly on the inner Rears(-Camber).
The W124 cars apparently have no rear Camber adjustment. RennTech markets a device that is supposed to allow for rear Camber adjustments. My question is, Can any of the (-) Camber be corrected by replacing the spring pads with thicker ones.I know that there are spring pads of varying thicknesses. As I recall mine were very thin either due to the 100+Kmi on them or they were the thinest ones from the get go. I installed the springs so refitting the pads ain't that big a deal. Is it worth giving it a shot? Right now I'm just rotating like crazy to even out the wear.
I'm sitting on 17in AMG "Original" Aeros and 245 x 40 x 17 Kumho's. Replacing rubber ain't no cheap fix

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