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As a first time Mercedes ownwer, I notice that the interior trims in my 2001 C240 tend to rattle when the car is driven over broken pavement or sharp broken uneven surface. The rattles do not occur consistently, as they occur only intermittently.

My question is it normal for this to occur? Or is it that the rattling problems tend to occur less in Benzes that built in the 80s and early 90s due to better quality interior trims Mercedes put in their cars in the past (good old days)?

I have heard many stories about faltering Mercedes quality, particularly the interior trims which the quality of the materials used are very "un-Mercedes".

For instance, the wood trim on the center console in my car would make creaking noises once in a while. The rear panel shelf would rattle. Also, the dashboard would creak once in a while. The seats would make squeaking noises for no reasons. Also, the door trims would also squeak sometimes. All these are minor, but they could be annoying sometimes. I have learnt to live with it, but they are not something that I would expect from a car mufacturer like Mercedes-Benz.

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