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I wish I were... Amerika!
I was promised to get some work in the states during one year with several different offices of the company I work for (they promised that after I wanted to resign to get a 2-year job in Spain), but since the US economy sucks at the moment they postponed this project (which is the reason why I have a lot of time to modify my cars...I took some weeks off).

I have changed the head light lenses, front indicators and taillights. I have a W124 E class hood, but the paint shop messed up the exact color so it has to be repainted again to match the original color...I will change the rear bumper and front bumper trim later on when I am sure that I will go to the states. The car is a German papered car, but is currently not registered in Germany (or in the Netherlands), so it can only be used with temporary car-shop license plates.
This car was meant to be used in the states and as long as I am in the Netherlands, it is just of no-use. I stopped modifying the car and took apart my 300SL to give it a model 97 update.

1990 300SL-24
1993 C250D
with a minor 600+k kilometer
(the Netherlands)
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