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Well....the Benz dealer came through because:

Roadside assistance never called us back
Dealer said we were 1 1/2 hour away (we r 37.5 miles)
Dealer said..nothing over 40 miles and we were 41.7 (we r 37.5 per MB site directions)
Dealer said that they would charge $150 after hours

We said...why own a Mercedes if you are going to treat us like this.

They said, fax your ID, Proof of Insurance and sign...he orderd the key and said that he has deliveries this way and would drop it off tomorrow.

Nice rebound I would say

Then I said...How much to fix my A/C on my 1996 C280,,,,he said no less than $3400, The trade in value is $3700

Good Day !!
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