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And That's Not All...

Someone posting there anonymously has a serious attitude problem as concerns this website in general...

They allege that:

1. This site is only here to sell parts...

2. The techs here aren't certified, and one has been specifially "de-certified" by MB.

3. Anyone posting links here to other sites that also sell parts gets flamed immediately.

4. Anyone posting here gets spammed, because people regularly copy member's email addresses and sell them to spammers.

5. When you post here you will get several intentionally misleading answers to your question intended to confuse you.

Now, we all know what a barge-load of Bravo Sierra this all is, but I don't want Larry to think he was just singled out for abuse. This pathetic idiot, who very well may be reading this very posting, hates us all.

Go there and see for yourselves, and also see just how many of our regular contributors are on that site by name, as well as who they are...
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