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Thanks for you advise! I am very sympathetic of what you had to go through. For me, it is not because of the money that I spent buying the car which I expect everything to be perfect. It is because that I have such high expectation from Mercedes, I do not expect simple things like interior trims would rattle like a ten year old car.

Aside from the interior trims rattling problem, my car would make a howling noise from the rear end when the car is travelling between 64 mph and 70 mph. It sounded like the noise is coming from the differential? I had sent the car back to the dealer in hoping that they could fix the problem. So far, no luck! Oh well, I guess I just have to live with it.

The engineering of Mercedes is definitely top-notch, but the quality and reliability are definitely not impressive. I could not believe how they could make car that is so quiet at 75 mph; yet, they could not make a car with sound quality and reliability.

I guess what you pay is what you get. If you look at their prices, Mercedes have pretty much remained stagnant in their pricing over the last 6 years. I believe that if the my new C 240 was priced at mid to high US$30k, I may experienced less quality and reliability problems. And if your CL was priced between US $130k and US $150k, I am sure you would experience less problems as well. Oh well, these are just my humble opinion!

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