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The stable prices of Mercedes are deceptive. The new W203 C is actually a considerably more expensive car. My 98 C230 had a sticker of $33,000 and change. If you compare the price a comparably equipped C230 and C280 to the the C240 and the C320, you'll find the W203 is much more expensive. This started in 99 with the C230 Kompressor. To keep the sticker price down they striped down the car. My 98 230 had auto climate control, power seats, leather, sunroof and the Bose system. Go to and build a C240 with those options. For a C240 with leather, auto, sunroof, Bose system and power everything; the price Is over $36,500. Now the the C240 does have a standard V6, my C230 has a 4 banger. The power output isn't much different, but I'm sure the V6 is a smoother and quieter engine. The $30,000 C240 is stripped. The same can be said for the W202 C280. $38,000 got you a 97 or 98 280 that was loaded. The new C320 with similar options will be $3000 or $4000 more. That's not to say the new w203 isn't worth it, but they have attempted to hide the additional cost. For the price, there isn't any excuse for rattles and noises in a new C. For the new CL to have rattles, MB should be ashamed. $100,000 should buy a car built like a Swiss watch.
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