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Johnson Chan
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I wish my luck will get better. I just got my car back from intensive care today, after a compression test, #4 doesnt have any compression, 4.5 compared to the rest (9.5-10.0). Dealer quoted me $8500.00 for repairs.

This is on the 1992 300D 2.5 with 290,000 miles.

So ladies and gentleman, anyway to "rig" this car so I can get to 312,500 miles? I have been waiting for a long time to get the 500,000 KM high milage badge and I am soo close..

I am open for any and all suggests, dont be shy... And if you think that ALL MB diesels go a million miles on an original engine, come to St. Louis and buy mine, lol.

BTW, I always drive this car out of state, I go to Toronto, Canada a few times a year, chicago, FL, and planned on taking this car to Las Vegas for my upcoming 21st birthday, will it be safe to go long distance with one cylinder broke?

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