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I think people put too much of an emphasis on dealers when it comes to Mercedes. MB doesn't have any way of controlling the attitudes of the sales/service staff at any given dealer. I've been treated terribly at several dealerships for other auto makers. A major factor when I purchased my C230 was how I was treated by the dealer. I was leaning towards buying an Audi A4 aquatro. But the Audi dealer was a sleazy moron. I was 22 at the time (I do look younger though) and had to fight just to get the Audi salesmen to answer my questions. Once he knew I was serious, he wouldn't give me strait answers and all but refused to work out a price on a model without a host of useless options (including a $800 100% leather steering wheel that replaced the standard steering wheel which was only 25% leather). When I arrived at the Mercedes dealer I was approached instantly and offered a test drive within a minute or two. No pressure, no BS. They gave me all the info I needed, I didn't have to ask for it. I was so impressed with how I was treated (and with the car) that I put a deposit down on the spot. There are numerous complaints that can be made about the new Mercedes models, but how you're treated by the dealer depends 100% on that particular dealership. I just can't hold it against Mercedes in general.
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