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Rules and Information for ALL members Please read before posting!

Happy ing!

Please read the PeachParts forum rules before posting.

2. Personal Attacks

Debate, discussion and and criticism are acceptable. Personal attacks are not.

When the debate degrades to the point of attacking the person rather than the argument, the post will be considered unacceptable. Words such as "delusional", "idiotic", "moronic", "psychotic", etc. all refer to a person and will generally not be permitted.

A warning will be issued when the personal attack is borderline and the intent was deemed to be not malicious.

An infraction equal to one point will be issued for all blatant personal attacks.

3. Trolling

Trolling and trollish behavior is not permitted. Trolling is defined as an inflammatory post used primarily for the purpose of irritating other members. Examples of trollish behavior include taking a thread off topic into a heated tangent, making offensive declarative statements, deliberately posting misinformation, and making personal accusations towards another forum member. The moderator of the respective forum will have the final determination of whether trolling was utilized for a specific post.

4. Quoted Post Modification

Modifying a quoted post by changing the wording, omitting key phrases/words, or adding text for the purpose of belittling the poster's argument or reinforcing your own is forbidden. Shortening long posts, such as posting the first or last sentence, selecting portions of a post to argue/expand upon, and changing something benign in an unheated discussion is acceptable.

5. Infraction System

This forum uses an infraction system to penalize violations of the forum rules, to track ongoing violations, and to ban multiple offenders. The infraction system is the primary way of moderating the forum, however, the moderators reserve the right to supersede the infraction system and take whatever actions are deemed necessary to settle a specific situation.

Operation of the System:

There are two types of penalties - warnings and infractions. Warnings do not have any points associated with them. Infractions are usually worth 1 point and expire 6 months from the issuing date. If 5 points are accumulated by a member, a ban is automatically issued by the system. The ban will remain in effect until the first infraction expires and the point count drops to 4.

Some infractions carry more than one point. Any disrespect to a moderator, whether on the forum, or via PM will carry a minimum of 3 points. If the disrespect is serious, the member may be banned permanently.

Visibility of the System:

All members can see the warnings, infractions, and points accumulated by other members. Below the post count will be three numbers (if the member has any warnings or infractions). The first number is the number of warnings. The second number is the total number of infractions. The final number, in parentheses, is the total point count.

All members can see if a specific post was deemed to be unacceptable. In the lower right hand corner of the post will be a yellow card if a warning was issued for that specific post. A red card will be present if an infraction was issued for that specific post. Usually, the word INAPPROPRIATE will also be added to the post by the moderator for all posts where an infraction has been issued.

If you have any questions regarding this system or about an infraction you received, please contact Me or Jim.


Thanks to LarryBible for the wonderful help post edited below!

If you are posting here with a technical problem or seeking help in troubleshooting a problem, please follow these guidelines so that those offering help can be more accurate and helpful. Following these guidelines will not only help you get an answer more efficiently, but will also make it easier and more convenient for those offering help.

More people will volunteer to help you if it is more convenient for them.


Go to the very first page of MercedesShop. There is a forum entitled Links by Parts Category It's the 10th forum down from the top. Our esteemed member Mr. WHunter has taken all of the important posts that give information on specific topics and grouped them by section pretaining to specific problems in the vehicle. Search here first. Find your problem and read all of the threads regarding the problem. If you cannot find what you are looking for in this group, you can then search the entire forum using the "search" function.

SEARCH for other posts regarding your problem. MANY problems are common and MUCH has been written about them. The search function can be found in the second dark blue bar at the top of any page. Type in a suitable term, such as "shocks" and the software will locate all posts relevant to the topic. At least scan the first page or two to see if there is a thread started that covers your issue. Posting in that thread, combining your question with another persons with the same problem will get you more information with less work on the part of the answer people. Common courtesy. As I write this there are at least four active threads on changing shocks. The same people are taking time to answer in ALL these threads.

If you have failed to find a solution to your problem within the DIY links or after a new search, as indicated above, it's now time to post a new thread.

Post the thread in the correct forum.

For all technical questions (excluding tires, wheels, bodywork, and detailing) regarding M/B's equipped with a diesel engine, post the question in "Diesel Discussion".

For all technical questions (excluding tires, wheels, bodywork, and detailing) regarding M/B's equipped with a gasoline engine, post the question in "Tech Help".

For all technical questions regarding tires and wheels, post the question in "Wheels and tires".

For all technical questions regarding the interior and detailing, post the question in "Detailing and interior".

For all technical questions regarding bodywork and restoration of the body, post the question in one of the forums underneath "Bodywork".

Title the thread as specifically as possible. A title such as: "Starter Turns Engine, but it will not Start" would solicit more assistance than a title such as: "Grandma's Car." Don't laugh, I've seen this kind of title before. One genius actually titled a post "Thanks, its what I figured". A different genius titled the thread "2 more questions". A third genius posts "Hate to admit it --- but". These threads will be summarily locked when discovered by the moderator and a link to this posting guideline will be provided.

Please ALWAYS provide the year and model of your Mercedes. Even if you have posted before, there may be someone reading who is an expert in the technical area but not familiar with you or your car.

If you are asking a very specific question such as "where is the a/c relay?" then mention that you have already made some other tests that have led you to this area. It could be that you think the problem is the relay when it could be another more common problem. By assuming that the problem is the relay you are missing the opportunity to get help with the overall problem. A better approach would be, "the compressor is not kicking in, could it be the relay and where is it?" or "I have already checked the other portions of the circuit and it appears to be the relay, where is it?" My point here is that to get the most help, discuss the entire subsystem in terms of what is wrong, what you have done so far and the specific help you need.

Unless the problems are related, start separate threads for separate problems. The rule of thumb here would be that if the problems could possibly be related they should be in the same post, but if they are totally different such as an air conditioning problem and a brake problem, you will probably get better results with separate threads for each problem.

It is often helpful to know your location for things like air conditioning or heating problems. If for whatever reason you don't want to tell where you live at least give a general area like state or province. Surely no one can track you down from that. It would be helpful for you to add location to your profile.

ALWAYS give as many details as possible that are PERTINENT to the problem. Giving a history of how you bought the car from a little old lady who only drove it to church on Sunday is interesting but not pertinent to the troubleshooting process. If you are troubleshooting an electrical problem we don’t need to know the make and weight of engine oil you use.

ALWAYS provide information regarding steps that you have already taken or parts that you have already replaced SINCE THE PROBLEM OCCURRED. Just because you replaced a part only a year ago, does not mean that it is still good and eliminated from the troubleshooting thought process.

In the case of ELECTRICAL problems, try to identify as many components as possible. For example don’t just talk about Fuse #7, but find out exactly what components are in that circuit and provide this information in your post. Don’t expect the person helping you to look up such information. Also give as much information as you can about voltage readings, circuit connections etc.

In the case of AIR CONDITIONING problems, please provide high and low pressure readings, ambient temperature, vent temperature and refrigerant type in use (R12, R134a, Freeze 12, etc.)

In the case of ENGINE problems try to provide as much information as possible such as compression readings, cylinder leak down test results, timing settings, etc, etc.

In the case of VIBRATIONS, try to indicate which vehicle component that the speed of the vibration matches. As an example, does the vibration speed up when the engine speeds up or when the car speeds up? Where do you feel the vibration, in the steering wheel, all over the body?

Be considerate of those who may potentially help you. If there is information that needs to be looked up in documentation, do your best to find it before posting. You still may not understand the information, if so feel free to ask for clarification, but expecting someone else to do your homework is not very considerate.

Pictures are almost always helpful if you have the necessary equipment to take and post them, but please remember that not everyone uses a high-speed Internet connection so out of respect for those folks, don’t overdo it.


After you have located the problem and affected a suitable repair, make sure to post your results so that we all can share the information and learn from it.

I have found that the vast majority of folks who post and offer help on this website to be naturally helpful and friendly. Follow these guidelines to get the most help with the least work on the part of the helper and try to return the favor when someone needs help in an area with which you are familiar.
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