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Johnson Chan
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Hello everyone,

I have posted this before but it got lost, so I will repost it.

In addition to a new engine, they say it needs,

Front Exhaust pipe $350.00
Exhaust Resonator $375.00

There IS an exhaust leak in the engine compartment. It is around the exhaust manifold #4 or #5, so I dont know if an exhaust manifold leak would cause this. Can someone verify that?

I would think all the cylinders wear at the same rate, but for one to be so much lower than the rest, something is wrong. They did not give me a specific reason as to where it was leaking.

I am going to get some second opinions. Since the car doesnt use oil, doesnt overheat, drives ok, I dont think im going to spend ten grand because of a little smoke and leak.
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