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Originally Posted by GoWolfpack
Hi and thanks all for your posts.
I checked the prefilter and there is quite a bit of algae looking crud in there. I just put a new prefilter and filter on a few weeks ago, so there must be quite a garden in my tank!

I have the new style primer pump and pumped it a few times. Noticed there were little air bubbles coming up from the forward end of the prefilter. Does ths suggest air in the line?

Looks like so much gunk in the prefilter that it is prohibiting a good flow of fuel.
The little bubbles DO indicate a severe flow restriction. It also indicates that your filter - hose connection is poor and is allowing air into the fuel system.
I recommend that you replace the prefilter and the short hose between the prefilter and the lift pump and treat your fuel tank to counteract the infection. You may find that you can get cheap chinese fuel filters for 50c or so. Adding one of these before the MB prefilter will allow you to replace these filters cheaply, while retaining the protection of the MB prefilter.
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