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just got back from mechanic this past weekend

i took my car to the mechanic this past weekend to have him take a look at the flywheel and also anything else in the engine compartment that could have gone wrong. after about an hour he came back and told me that nothing is wrong the flywheel is fine and all i needed is a major service (eventhough i specifically told him that i want to take a look of the flywheel myself when he raised the car, now i don't even know if he really checked it or not). anyway, this past weekend i changed the coolant,aloil, oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, micro-air filter, and the OVP relay (000-540-52-45 is this the updated one) (just for the heck of it) and now the car does not make a grinding noise but everytime right after i start the car, the rpm will dip down to about 500 rpm as soon as i let go of the key and will stay there for about 3 secs and then climb up to about 2500 rpm right away. what is wrong. also yesterday after driving about 80 miles i stopped at a Mcdonald for about half hour and when i tried to start the car nothing happened. no click, no whinning, no nothing!! then i realized l left my head lights on all these time so i turned off the lights and tried again the engine finally slowly started to crank up- does this mean my battery is bad or my alternater is bad?
also, has any one tried to drain the coolant from the engine block drain plug in a 95 c220? how in the world do you suppose to open that in such tiny space especially with a tube over the drain hole?
sorry about the long post, and thank you very much for the reply!!!
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