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Me Too!!!

Pep Boys is great for Water Wetter, Liquid Glass, Prolong, etc. You get the idea!

But for parts, nada!! I once bought a replacement alternator for my '91 190E. Put it on, worked perfectly . . . for two hours.

Took it back, for a replacement. No hassles. Put it in and guess what happened? But this time it lasted for three days! Got a full refund with no hassle.

Another story: Same car, I could not find a rotor needed for a tune-up at the local MB parts store. So I bought one from Pep Boys! All parts (plugs, dist cap, wires, etc.) were MB/Bosch except for the rotor.

Well, long story short the rotor burned out after a day. Part was made in China. Nuff said.

So buy your lubricants, polish, etc. at Pep Boys, but buy your MB parts from a MB shop!!

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