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Hello group,
Since I can't find anyone who knows why my alarm is wacky since I changed the radio I have concidered installing a new alarm with keyless entry..I read the article on the board how to do it in a 124, but are there similar directions on a 126? I see the 87 locking system is electrically controlled by switches in the vacuum device in both doors and the trunk that control the pump but I can't decipher the wiring diagram well enough to know what I need to hook up..I have had really good luck with code alarm..But this time I think I am gonna do it myself..The local "mothers window tint" is trying to sell me a top of the line "remote start" model..I told him it is a diesel (300SDL) and he is telling me it will work..I tried to explain to him it won't because the engine shut off is vacuum controlled...Figure I don't want these guys working on my car! Anway if anyone knows how or a link to do this I would greatly appriciate it..Thanks a million! John
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