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Green / Red / CLEAR

I change the Antifreeze(Clear "colorless" from the factory)in my 92 400e every with MB Clear"colorless" AF every other year since new. Last year when I changed it, The MB AF they sold me was Clear "colorless". After reading this discussion thread , I called My local dealer and MBNA 800-222-0100. The part Gal told me that MB had just recently changed the color of the fluid. MBNA confirmed this and added however, that the properties are IDENTICAL!!!
So DONT be alarmed as I would have been had I not read and confirmed this,if you go to the dealer and are sold some of the clear stuff or Redish-orange.If you get it from the "Stealer" its probably the right stuff. Also if you lose some due to breaking a hose or otherwise, The offending color can be used to top off the AF without worry of consequence. I suppose that the environmentalist made them change the formula so as to lessen the likely hood of accidental ingestion as water by small children, animals, Thirsty techs and the like.

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