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Lots of different MB models and lots of different dash clusters, lots of opinions and experiences...the clusters in the older MB models are fairly strong (read quality), the ones in the newer models are easily torn into pieces by these practical MB hooks everybody is mentioning.
Although we have these hooks as well, I never use them...dents in the dash-vinyl, torn off cluster front plates, cracked dash cluster housings, damaged speedo cables and so on.
The speedo cable in a W201 can be taken off from underneath after the flexible ventilation duct is moved a bit, Some of the W124's have enough space to release the speedo cable from underneath as well, some of the (later) W124's are too tight; I agree.
Some MB models need the steering wheel to be removed, some don't. The W201 steering wheel does not need to be removed.

Kodiak, what is IC?

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