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Question weird handling on a 201

i'm slowly getting my new (previously mishandled) 1992 190e 2.3 sorted i.e. new head gasket, valve stem seals, rebuilt alternator, tensioner dampener, O/V fuse, steering dampener, front wheel bearings repacked and adjusted, etc...

The problems i'm experiencing are:

1) as i get on the throttle the car tends to pull a bit in one direction and when i lift the thottle the car will pull slightly in the other direction. this is noticable at higher speeds i.e. 60k+ it's not sever, but, makes for a less than solid ride. the car does very well in the corners, but, the suspension is loaded at this point. my suspicion is that it might be in the rear suspension... but nothing seems to scream out at me with the wheels off. it's got new rear shocks and a zero toe setting (rough check with a measuring tape) the front has a 3-4mm toe in. wheel base measurement on both sides of the car match.

2) being a bit new to the MB experience, i find that i have to unsteer the the wheel when coming out of a corner. is this the way it's suppose to be? there is good assist on the power steering (flushed the system and a new filter) and all the ball joints and steering linkages are in decent condition and the struts and upper berings seem ok. The castor looks ok, haven't measured, but +10deg. is about right.

your help on this is much appreciated.
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