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Question Testing A/C Compressor Clutch Control - MAS Unit ?

Good thing I got the A/C working on my back-up Honda last night 'cuz the '91 300-SELs A/C decided to go on vacation running an errand awhile ago. Worked on the way to where I was going(blowing cold air), but was dead after restarting about a min. later. No clutch engagement.

I know I have many things to test, but wanted to confirm something. I'm looking at a layout of the "Compressor Clutch Control" - 1990 300SE/300 SEL - page 304/3 in the ACC climate section - 126 car.

It looks like I can jumper 30 and 87 in the MAS to test the A/C compressor clutch control.

Am I reading this correctly?

Thanks for your time.
Mike Murrell
1991 300-SEL - Model 126
M103 - SOHC

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