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I also own a C220. It's built in Nov. 1994 and I'm not sure it should be called as 94 or 95 model. Well, it does not matter.

I agree with David's suggestion to replace your battery since the starter consumes much more current to crank the engine than light up the bulbs. Besides, if the battery can not provide stable voltage the ECU may get incorrent data from sensors then the engine may perform weird.

I have question about the famous faulty OVP part #. The current one one my car has part # 000 540 67 45. There is also a blue ink stamp number shows 051596, looks like it's date code but nor sure. It's made in Hungary!! I bought my car used last year, so I have no record whether the ex-owner has replaced it or not. I used to search partshop and it also shows the same part # 000 540 67 45. But your updated one is 000 540 52 45. Can anybody here help to clarify which one, 52 45 or 67 45, is the real updated.

Thanks for any kind reply.

'94 C220 with AMG look, 48K miles
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