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ABS/ESP Warning Alert

Recently acquired a 2000 CLK430 with 40,500 miles which was sorely in need of routine maintenance. Drove it about 500 miles before replacing the front pads (which were paper thin) and wear sensors. Flushed all brake fluid (4 wheels) and replaced with MB fluid. Used the "open the bleed screw" method for pushing the pistons back in the calipers b4 replacing the front pads so as not to force crud into the piston bores, ABS, etc. Pretty routine stuff. Pedal feels fine and panic stops are fine as well.Also re-set the ServiceB light using instructions found on this site.

After about 300 miles with the serviced system, I am now getting a "ABS/ESP" warning on the dash, which had not appeared prior to the service. Turning off the key makes it disappear for about another 80 miles or so, but it keeps coming back.

Any ideas?


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