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I searched the forums a number of times on grill, removing grill, painting grill to find all the topics on this. It is actually quite easy, I unbolted the entire grill (the chrome surround with plastic insert) from the car and then removed the clips on the bench to free the plastic insert. I then cleaned the grill in a large tub filled with hot soapy water and allowed it to dry thoroughly. I used matt black engine enamel and gave it approximately 6 coats before refitting everything. Took me all of one day to remove and clean and I then painted it overnight. The next day took about 45mins to put it back together. To remove the entire grill there is 4 bolts at the top horizontal section of the grill assembly and then three or four on the left and right vertical sections. Two of the top horizontal bolts are hidden inside the hood. The MB logo needs to come out to free the plastic grill insert. The chrome strips just slide off the plastic grill insert before painting. It looks really good painted up now - the only issue is the hood release lever marks the paint each time I use it unless you are carefull so touchups will be needed.
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