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Essentially the same motor, yes. Both are 119 motors, used since 1990 on 129 chassis SL V8's, then the 124 and 140 chassis V8's (last used in the 99 140 chassis), and of course the short stint in the E420 210 chassis. The later versions such as the later 140's and the 210 chassis I believe used ME2 injection, the earlier ones like the last few years in the 124 chassis 1994-95 or so) I believe were HFM-SFI injection. Either way they were SFI injection, though. Both were good motors. The 93 to 95 or so 104 motors were the ones with problems with the wiring harness, the V8's I haven't seen any problems, like I said, the normal stuff only, like O2 sensors, Mass Airflow sensors, the occasional Engine Control Module, but nothing I would describe as a chronic problem.
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