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worried about my diesel (300SD)

Well i am the proud owner of a 1983 300SD. The engine starts great, seems to run great, but has a couple catches that have me worried. The first thing is that the engine runs at about 102 degrees C when idling, and around 95 when driving(with a/c on). This is after flushing the radiator, i'm thinking of just replacing the thermostat? Second, it has an oil leak that seems to come from EVERYWHERE. I looked at the bottom of the engine and it looks as if everything is leaking. The guy i bought the car from recently had the oil lines replaced as well as the oil pan gasket, so valve covers maybe? I'm worried because i heard that these engines can leak from the block or something? is that true? also, there is a little bit of oil in my air filter housing. Is that normal? The oil leak has also gotten much worse within a couple days time, although it does seem to lessen and get worse intermitantly. If you have any tips or advice on ANY of these things, please let me know. By the way the car has 150k miles on it and seems to run/shift/idle great. Thanks again
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