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Hey folks, I am to P.O'd to tell ya just how bad it was, maybe when I cool down this evening I can lay it out but...I have a question concerning my 86 190E 2.3 Air Con and the actuators. The main problem was that I was getting hot air from the vents and cool/fresh(from the middle) and AC had no effect. The write up said "AC doesn't work right" They replaced the defrost actutor (4.0 hrs.) and gave back the car. Car comes back, I turn on the AC and.....same problem. The second time, they replaced another mixing actuator and charged me another 3.5 hrs! Question 1) Are both these actuators under the dash and require its removal to access them? 2) Wouldn't any tech CHECK to the damn AC to see if the first try fixed it? 3)The service writer said the defrost actuator is accessed from under the hood and the mixing actuator is under the dash, thus the seperate charges for both. (about 8.0 hrs for both) I am under the impression that I kinda got screwed? Any thoughts?
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