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Go for it! My “ancient” ’92 400e wiht 62K is a treat and a half. Only recurrent issue (historically) is that the brake pads are short lived. Any problems the ‘97 has except perhaps for brakes and bulbs will be taken care of by the Starmark warranty. Get as much warranty for both time and mileage as you can. Dealers love Starmark cars as they make good $$ to fix just about anything, and get paid by MB for it. One of the differences between Starmark and new vehicle warranty is that with Starmark, they can fix the problem and anything related to it. New car they only fix the problem. My dealer encouraged me to have any problems quickly addressed and resolved. For certain, however, get the master vehicle record for the car to see it’s history before you decide.

A couple of other notes: They usually put a hefty mark up on Starmark cars. I got the dealership to come down about 15% on the purchase price just for offering. Use this for a discount, and/or to negotiate items such as the 60K service, new tires of your choice, a brake job, more Starmark warranty. Otherwise you’ll likely end up paying for them in the near future. FYI I ended up paying about $2,500 2 years/24K miles of Starmark warranty in addition to the 1 yr/12K mile warranty the car came with.

Hope this helps...

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