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Leon Hernandez
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Hey gang long time no see. Got a question about the above subject. The Houston and MBUSA denied my claim under the goodwill for replacing the harness. No reason given just a flat out no.

The extended warranty that I bought also denied my claim for the repairs, another Houston company.

I will be calling for a prorated refund on the warranty!

A independent shop gave me an estimate of 1100.00 for the wiring harness, purchase of harness and labor. Also quoted me about 1200 for replacing leaking head gasket. The headgasket is weeping in the front right hand side. Every oil change I clean up a film of oil residue, no gushers.

Is the above mentioned quotes for the scope of work mentioned a reasonable price?

Also any tips on how to deal with MBUSA for the wiring harness or is it a lost cause and just suck it up?

Well. I'll be standing by for the zingers, thanks for the help guys. LH
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