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Leon Hernandez
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What good is the warranty yeah no kidding! he-he

Thanks for the feedback. Yes the warranty covers electrical and the rep. said that because the car was not broke he would not fix it. Same insane rationale was used on the head gasket, so my question is he would rather I have a catasptrophic failure then he'll fix it?

That's why I'm asking for a prorated refund, this clown will not even have the courtesy to return my calls or pages.

Well, I think you have a point I forgot to mention the car only has 70k on it and is peforming flawlessly otherwise.So with that in mind think a valve job is still a good preventive measure?

I would leave it alone were it not for the seed planted in my head by my MB tech that a wiring harness failure can smoke the computer and that's another 2k per his estimate.

Thanks for the info, I look forward to the other replies to come.
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