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clarification of the info i need

Just to let u know, I am an experienced car audio / alarm installer. What I need to know is the location of the lock / unlock wires, as well as what polarity they need to perform their operations. In my 190E there was a blue wire that ran along the wire channel on the drivers side. You applied +12V to lock, -12V to unlock. It did require setting a longer pulse than came standard though, but that is no big deal.

The Vacuum lock system in my C class seems similar, except for the addition of the lock / unlock switch on the dash. And the disablement of the door lock buttons from operating the central locking.

Benzmac seemed to suggest that all the wiring is available somewhere under the plastic cover in front of the spare in the trunk. If anyone knows which harness these wires are in, and the color / location of these wires, it would be of a great help to me.

Thanks for your time
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