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Repair shops

Sorry you're having such a tough time, China. gidpor has a good idea about a database of good repair shops and mechanics. However, I think the best thing for any MB owner is to get his/her hands on a good shop manual of some sort for their particular car(s). I have an excellent mechanic, but a year ago, I had a problem with him. My 380SE would die when I came to a stop. I did a little reading and deduced that the problem was in the idle control switch. Went to mechanic, told him what I thought. He wasn't persuaded, and he wanted to do some elaborate (and expensive) tests. I gave it some thought, and then, coincidentally, the car's RPM at idle jumped. I took the car back to the mechanic, and he slipped in a new idle control switch. Problem solved. If owners will do a little of their own investigating, and pay attention to the advice here, they can do a lot to help themselves. Having said all of that, I'd be in favor of data base (nationwide) listing all of the shops that seem good. Have a good holiday, everybody.
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