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See my post under ROUGH COLD IDLE FIXED

China Clipper, 420SEL (Jason) and GIDPOR: I share your disappointment and anger with crappy M-B dealership repairs. In my post I wrote about a rough cold ilde issue with my 1991 420SEL. The dealer told me to (in short order): (1)replace all 8 injectors, (2)replace an allegedly leaky EHA, (3)fix an alleged vacuum leak from intake manifold and (4)replace the fuel distributor. I decided to do (1) & (2). The car still had a rough cold idle (they didn't even bother to check it or test it). The dealer then said I had to do numbers (3) and (4). I asked if that would FIX the rough idle. The dealer said there were no guarantees. I then took it to an independent mechanic who laughed at the folly of the dealer's parts-jockey and at their inability to diagnose a simple problem straight out of MECHANIC 101. With all their fancy equipment, multiple service bays, carpeted waiting rooms, Starbuck type coffee service and smiling receptionists these dealership so-called mechanics STILL CAN'T fix cars.

Anyhow, my independent mecahnic checked the car, did a leak down test and discovered a sticky/tight exhaust valve in cylinder #6. He said that the diagnosis for rough cold idle is a MECHANICS 101 no-brainer. He adjusted the valve, replaced a rocker arm shim ($7.50 for parts) and the engine now idles so smoothly it is unbeliveable! Total cost was a tiny fraction of what replacing the fuel distributor (parts only) alone would have cost me.

I am seriously considering reporting the dealer to the state's BAR (Bureau of Auto Repairs) for doing/recommending unnecesary repairs. My mechanic says the fuel distributor is in 100% good shape and that there are no leaks, whatsoever, in the intake manifold. The M-B dealer in my area caters to rich, film industry types. They probably just write a check for whatever the dealer tells them to write and do not ask many questions. I guess the dealer would rather deal with people like them rather than with people like us, who ask "too many" questions.

Guys, sorry about this long post, but I guess that China clipper's problem with the dealer and 420SEL (Jason) own problem and my own experience just exposed a raw nerve. I really HATE to see people getting ripped off and lied to.

OK, OK, I'll get off my high horse now.

Have a great weekend!
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