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The number of cars with AC in the Netherlands was very low in the past, but is increasing the last couple of years.
The Mercedes models with AC have a lot of troubles with the condensers; these condensers only last 2-3 years!!! Dirt, weather and salt accumulates behind the auxiliary fans and -frame, which causes the condenser to leak after a while... I thought that I could overcome that problem by spraying clear paint on the condensers surface and cleaning the condenser every year just before winter starts (after removing the aux. fans), but unfortunately my C250D condenser barely lasted 2 years.

Now my question: Do the condensers on US MB models fail that often as well, or is it a typical European problem?
I posted this before in the Open Discussion, but nobody replied on that question, so I am asking this again.
I will check the condenser part# with the part# in fastlane, but somehow I think that these parts will be the same...

The 1986 300SL from my mother had a R12 AC system that lasted until 2001 when she traded it for a SLK200...R12-systems seemed to last longer as the R134-systems...

Any comments, please...

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