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I've got this weird thing happening to my car. It only happened twice, but it's very odd.
When I use my brakes to slow down, I suddenly notice that the power steering is gone and I have to use force to steer. And when I stop, the engine is dead! I have to use the key to start again. The car is in good shape and runs completely in order, except for this freak thing?
I'm not really sure if the braking of the car has anything to do with it, but both times it occurred, I was braking firmly, but not that hard. The first time it happened, I figured I must have gone too slow without shifting down properly, and the engine stopped from excessive load being put on it, but today it happened in a downhill slope, and I know I had the clutch to the floor while braking. And suddenly "-What the F*!?" ,and it's dead! Any ideas?


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