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Johnson Chan
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Hello, this is for the 1992 300D 2.5

The AC blows hot/warm air. It uses R12 and I dont want to do a conversion to R134a if possible.

1) I had the system recharged with R12, and there are little to no bubbles through the sight glass. But still it blows warm/hot air.

2) The auxillary fans are not coming on in 70 degree weather. So I jumped the switch (which theoretically turns them on), but still they dont come on.

3) I checked the fuse box, all fuses have no problems.

4) the pushbutton unit works OK. defrost, min, max, heat, etc. works.

5) Last year when this happened, when I clean the engine using high pressure wash, it would fix itself, but this time, I wasnt so lucky. I would guess the cleaning worked by getting the grease, oil, etc. off the ac clutch, so far it seems clean.

6) How do you know if the compressor is working, am I supposed to hear it or something? The belts dont seem to be loose or have slack.

Im at a loss, so whats next? Thanks in advance.
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