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BAR = wast of time!

Originally posted by BENZ-LGB
I am seriously considering reporting the dealer to the state's BAR (Bureau of Auto Repairs) for doing/recommending unnecessary repairs.
Well, don't waste your time. It's is not illegal, immoral (or fattening) to recommend anything, even replacing the complete car part by part.

Also it's not illegal, immoral, etc. to give you a estimate that 50 times over the price of each part. These words direct from the BAR. Isn't that just wonderful???

Recently, had a bad right side headlight washer motor. Price is $130 list at any MB parts place. BTW, that's MY price, dealers price is $89. A local shop wanted to charge me $323 for the motor and $200 to replace it.

When I complained to the BAR, they said "no harm, no foul"! If you agree to the price, then that's tough. They can charge anything they want, and if you agree, that's tough s*#! for you!!! You have no claim, you signed the estimate! So beware.

When I tried to explain that it was gross overcharging, the BAR said that's there's no set amount that a repair shop has to charge. PT Barnum once said. . . well, you know what he said!

I got the part (for $89) and did it myself in about 20 minutes!
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