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Look at a few things first

Greetings Robert,

I think Steve is poking fun at you, because it's obvious that your four speed tranny starts out in second gear like most of us that own pre 80 vehicles. If your torque converter was is fact leaking down there's an easy check besides looking at fluid levels in the morning. Start up the car from cold and within 30 seconds shift it into drive. Does it move forward or just sit there? If it's moving, the torque converter is filled with fluid. I haven't exactly timed it out, but there's at least a good minute to fill a torque converter that has totally drained out sitting overnight. No torque converter, no movement. Do this check first. Second, is the car parked on an incline nose up, overnight? The proper fluid check should be done after the tranny has been driven to obtain operating temps. Of course if it's still cold where you live, the trip will be longer to reach what is considered operating temps I believe are 187 F degrees. Post your results and we'll go from there.

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