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Yes, the A/C condensor, that's what the fans are actually mounted to. The horn and bracket are in the way, the power steering cooling tube is in the way, there are also screws at the top and bottom, as well as the ones on the sides. There are the plastic clips at various locations at the top and botttom, they go into the "shroud" looking part from the front. I needed to take the right headlight out last time I did one, the reason escapes me at the moment. It would help if the center section of the radiator support came off like a 190, but it is 1 piece, adding to the complexity. The bar that the horns mount to has to come off, which you need to study to be sure you are removing the correct bolts. The bottom bolt is rather difficult to manipulate screwing it in and out. The reason you need to get the plastic shroud off is that the side bolts, if I remember correctly, 1 on each side has a nut inside the fan frame, the other 1 on each side screw directly into threads in the metal. You need to get on the nut with a wrench to keep it from turning. You will end up pulling forward on the lower edge of the bumper to get the bottom bolts off of the fan assembly, as I recall the back of my hand was rubbed raw from doing this job, it's a real toughy.....
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