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well...i guess the first thing to do is check the link posted by Dr. Fuentes in this thread. that will take you to colour photos and a description of an EVOI. if the body kit on your car match those in the picture, the next thing to examine would be the engine. all EVOIs and EVOIIs had redesigned 2.5-16 engines. none of either of these cars were 2.3-16s because at the time these cars were produced, mercedes had gone from the 2.3-16 to 2.5-16 engine which is more than just a bored and short-stroked version of the 2.3 engine block. it was yet another new casting.

some of the internal differences between the stock 2.5-16 and evo engines are and increased bore and reduced stroke to allow the engine to build revs more quickly. The final drive ratio of the stock 16 valve is 3.07:1 which was dropped to 3.27:1 in the EVOI.

the original 2.3-16 had a compression ratio of 10.5:1 (in europe only. north american models were 9.7:1) i'm not 100% sure, but i believe that the compression ratio in the stock 2.5-16 and the EVOI was dropped to about 9.7:1. for the EVOII, the c/r was bumped back up to the original 10.5:1.

incidentally, the 2.5-16 was never officially sold in the north american market since the sales of the 2.3-16 in north america were less than stellar.

aside from the body kit and engine, differences between the EVOs and the stock 2.3/2.5-16s are the use of larger 11.8" disc brakes in front with 4 piston calipers, the EVOs had hydropneumatic shocks at all four corners (this was an optional extra on the stock 2.5-16), EVOIs and EVOIIs were also not intended for the north american market.

The 2.3/2.5-16 factory rims are 7J x 15" 15 hole rims, EVOI rims are 8J x 16" 15 hole factory rims similar or identical to the the stock rims on the first couple of years of the R129 SL. The EVOII, of course, had the 8.25 x 17" six-spoke rims.

if you don't mind my asking, how much did you pay for your car? given the rarity of the Evolution variants of the 190 series cars (only 500 of each were produced for public sale) there is a significant difference in purchase price.

if your car is, in fact, a 2.3-16, rather than someone deliberately trying to swindle you, it's more likely a case of a misinformed seller.

if your car is a legitimate EvolutionI, congrats! :-)

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