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pete romprey
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Re: Removing Wood Won't Help...

Originally posted by longston
You can either gently pry the switches out with a small thin blade screwdriver, prying from the top and bottom of each switch alternately, or remove the entire switch panel. I would remove the panel to be safe.

To do it, you need to first remove the radio and the cage the radio sets in. Then, there are two small phillips head screws that hold the panel in that are located underneath the bottom of the panel, above where the radio was. You will then have to open the ashtray, and the panel will scoot down, and can then be removed with the cables still attached to the switches. You can then remove the cables and the fibre optic wires from the switches, which will allow you to remove the switches from the panel, and glue the wood back down t6o the metal plate that backs it.
Thanks for the reply scott I did not think there was a panel there i can see behind the wood and it blue just like the dash I just a had a new radio installed and before i had it installed there seemed to be nothing under the panel except more " panel" ? the place the switches are mounted seems to be one piece and the wood has two pegs that pop into two holes int the blue panel? the wood did not seperate from the metal backing but poped away from the dash?I have the ashtray out I read another thread that told me ho to get it out.Are these switches ava? the ones here seem to be missing the bottom tab like the rest of them have.thanks agin pete
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